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Do you live in a rented house or apartment in Kenya? Is it worth it to invest in design and décor?

This is a common topic as most people come into terms with a reality that they don’t actually own the home and may move out in the near future hence sceptical on whether to revamp or not.

The good news and answer to this is… Life is short, sweet and believe you me it’s only for the living, so yes let’s make every bit of it including our SPACES worthwhile!

Wondering how to have your desired space without breaking the bank? Here a few tips



Incorporate lighting fixtures that represent your design style. Lighting is crucial in creating a ‘wow’ factor in any space. You will agree that most properties do not have appealing lighting, in most cases the houses actually lack sufficient lighting.

See how we incorporated different lighting fixtures within these spaces


Some of our favourite stores are: Glow lighting, Vishelectric, Creative innovation. You will get a great blend of modern, classic and contemporary styles.



This is quite a favourite, as it can be used to create a beautiful statement, It also gives one a chance to personalize their space, in an inexpensive way

Lots of variety locally: Our best bet stores: Wallpaper Kenya and f you are looking for exquisite pieces try Raveras ltd.



You may imagine not much can be done here, but surprisingly lots can be achieved by incorporating simple tricks such as: covering cabinet doors with contact paper, Using a beautiful stick on paper as backsplash, changing hardware handles e.g. from handles to knobs, changing the colour. etc. Addition of open shelves if one requires more storage is inexpensive and quite appealing to the eye.



This is cheap actually cheaper than wallpaper and the modern day paint dries up pretty fast. A splash or pop of colour can instantly change the mood of a space. Why not change the ever so loved ‘soft white’ paint used by literally all contractors, and have a colour that represents your sense of style and personality.

If you need a quick upgrade on your space and have no clue on where to start , you could consider our e design service ‘Pick and Design’

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